Why Google+ affect SEO?

Google+ is the favorite social network of webmaster as it shares an intimate relationship with Google Search Engine. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to optimizing this kind of social network for your SEO master plan. Some advices below would help you push your keyword ranks by Google+.

Why Google + affect SEO?

Let us begin with the question why Google+ is a factor of SEO and how it affects SEO. It is because Google+ is different from other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter in a sense that those who follow you in Google+ will have the priority in jumping to your next article on Google search engine.
SEO Google+
Imagine that you have 10,000 followers on Google+, and you write a new article. The article would appear on the top 10 Google ranking on your followers’ Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) with your keywords they type when that keyword can actually ranks 100.

Therefore, if your follower list has 300 people and they click on your results, then you will have a higher CTR rate compared to other results and Google will rate your website higher.
Clearly, Google+ brings your website more traffic and results showing priority to those in you circle.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO resources.

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