Top 10 tips to get traffic from Google Plus

As one of the most popular social media all over the world, Google Plus has become an important part in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) these days. Keep in mind that having your company on Google Plus means that you have better interaction, deeper engagement and higher organic traffic. Today, Top SEO Singapore would like to show you top 5 tips to get great traffic from Google Plus. If you haven’t had any specific strategy to optimize your site for social network, it’s time to do it.

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1. Optimize your page info

This is the very first basic step to start a new Google Plus page is editing your info in order to make it more compatible with Google’s indexing. Notice to include from 1- 3 keywords your target keywords into Meta title and Description in “About” section. Furthermore, make sure that you have added your company website’s link or any other additional links to drive your viewers back to your homepage in this section.

2. Grow and manage your circles

The fact is the more people follow you, the higher chances you get great traffic to your site. In order to grow your circles, don’t forget to add Google+ widgets buttons to your website, so that your viewers will easily add you to their circles and follow your posts as well. Furthermore, it is really important to create separate circles having its own features and manage them by placing the right viewers into the suitable circles. Through this way, you can get quality engagement when sharing right information to the right circles.

Top SEO Singapore

3. Use appropriate headlines

Keep in mind that your headline will be showed up in Google searches; thus, make sure that your headline is simple, concise but suitable that can help your post stand out in search results and can reach viewer’s attention to click through to your link as well

4. Optimize your content

This is evaluated as the most critical step that you need take into account when using Google Plus. Content is always the key to keep viewers focus on reading your site instead of looking for other sources. With the seasoned experience of SEO services Singapore, we believe that your content must be the latest, interesting and updated frequently. Furthermore, adding relevant keywords in your posts cannot be ignored. It will not only help you get traffic effectively, but also make it much easier for Google and viewers discover your posts.
Additionally, don’t forget to use images on Google+. An image is worth hundreds of words. Some people prefer watching images then reading texts; therefore, it is also a good way to raise your engagement levels.

5. Don’t forget Google+ communities

Another good way to get more traffic is to joint as many relevant communities as you can due to the fact that communities are the great source to grow your followers, which in turn leads to more traffic and help your strengthen your Google+ page’s credibility as well.

Top SEO Singapore

All the social media can bring lots of traffic to your site. The point is that you need to know how to optimize those powerful sources to get your expectations. Hope you can get valuable information from our post and can use Google+ smartly from now on. Please contact SEO Company in Singapore if you need our help.

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Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources.