Top 10 tips to get traffic from Google Plus (part 2)

There is no doubt about the importance of Google Plus which is becoming one of the largest social media platforms in the world in developing your business career. Continue our last article “Top 10 tips to get traffic from Google Plus” that showed the first 5 tips, today Top SEO Singapore is going to show the rest 5 tips in order to help you reach more and more followers to your Google+ page.

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6. Engage with your viewers

In order to create a working social media platform, apart from updating news, images or links, you need to have direct interaction with relative active viewers in your circles. It is worth taking your time to go through their Google+ page, looking at their posts and making some thoughtful comments, even participating discussions or hangouts with them if it is necessary. This way absolutely help you get on well with your viewers effectively and SEO services Singapore believe that all you can get from them is more than a +1.

7. Look for trending topics

As mentioned in our previous article, content has played the most important role in keeping your viewers’ attention. It is highly recommended to keep looking around to find out which trending topics are, what’s hot in your niche right now. You might figure out that not all the topics are new, some of them are entirely original. The point is you have to know how to represent them in creative ways so that you Google+ page are able to stand out and get lots of traffic as well.

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8. Search for users that you want to follow

Google+ has developed a function for the users to find the target audiences. Besides adding any people to your circles, try to focusing on looking for those who has high authority profiles.

9. Share your updates wisely

Most business owners tend to share their updates in public. Actually, it hasn’t damaged your
Google+ page, but we have to say that it is not the most effectively approach to engage with your clients. By sharing posts publicly, you will have higher chances to get a lot of attention from your visitors; however, when it comes to engagement’s quality, you will end up getting nothing. As the top SEO Company Singapore, we strongly suggest to share right information to right circles that will help you increase your engagement’s quality significantly.

10. Figure out the best time to post your content

As you might know, each social media platform has its own optimal posting time. Not only your content’s quality is the matter, but also knowing the best posting time is extremely important for getting the maximum traffic and response from your audiences. The best way to find out which is the optimal posting time which brings most traffic to your site is testing, testing and testing. The rule is if you aren’t sure about anything, do it over and over again. Similarly, it is not feasible to update your information at a specific time, try to post them at different time and notice when you get the most interaction from your audiences.

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As you can see there are tons of ways that you can implement for you Google+ to interact with your audiences. Hope you can get valuable tips from this article and apply them effectively to your page. If you need our help, please feel free to contact us.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources.