The importance of Social SEO for 2015

Social Media

A social environment allows people from all over the world to interact with each other through the distribution of thoughts, concepts, and services. Especially, it promotes dialogues, action, and reaction on behalf online users. We should take a look the volume of social shares/comments a particular landing page receives and its ability to rank high on search listings.In addition, we need to understand the difference between general social media habits and the ability to use a consumer’s social activity as a means of supporting organic search.

How Social SEO work

Google released a “Social Search” show that the relationship between a social network and search engine. Many brand’s followers and fans interact with their website or a specific form of content, they will recommend destination to their respective social connections. And rankings determined by the volume of social shares and comments a particular online destination receives.

It is through these recommendations that your website will improve rankings on Google.

The importance of Social SEO for 2015

The importance of Social SEO for 2015

The impact of Social Signals

Social Media have a strong impact on SEO rankings. Google allow ‘social signals’ such as Facebook likes, Google + 1’s and rewet to influence organic rankings. Therefore if your content generates such signals, it will rank better in search results.

When content is optimized and supported by a significant volume of social response, brands can improve results: Increase traffic, search visibility, awareness of brands…

You need to consider combining SEO and Social Media work together with the purpose of achieving the same goals. Therefore, your company should invest in Social SEO to remain competitive and look for many potential customers.

Sources: Retrieved from various reliable SEO websites

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