SEO tips for copywriting

Having fresh, relevant and engaging content is the most important thing that you need to concern when running Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Knowing the importance of high quality content, Top SEO Singapore is going to show you top 5 SEO copywriting tips so that you can reach attention of both human viewers and search engines’ spiders as well. Please take a look to the end, we believe that it is able to help you a lot.

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1. Your content is for human, not for machine

Keep in mind that your audiences are totally human and no one wants to read something wrote for the purpose of being crawled by search engines’ spiders as much as possible. Your content must be valuable enough to reach viewers’ attention and persuade them to stay at your site longer. Therefore, write something which can help your audiences solve their real troubles.
However, don’t forget to add your targeted keywords into your articles to help the robots find your content easily and quickly.

2. Forget about overstuffing keywords

You might think that adding keywords as much as possible can bring tremendous benefits to your site, but it cannot. Long gone the era of overstuffing keywords, there is nothing to indicate that Google favors a certain keyword density over another. Thus, it is highly recommended to satisfy your visitors by your information, not keywords.

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3. Using available tools to find related keywords

There are tons of tools which can help you find related keywords for your business and you absolutely shouldn’t ignore their power. Those tools will show you a number of related keywords, choose the most suitable ones and use them to increase the relevance of your content.

4. Content’s length really affects your ranking

Most business owners consider how long their content should be, and you have to know that the first sites on top of Google have over 2000 words per article. It shows that length is able to affect your ranking. However, if you extremely want to get more shares, you also need to focus on creating in- depth articles besides long ones. Writing some thing which can show your knowledge and you will get viewers’ engagement.

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5. Make use of long tail keywords

Nowadays, short keywords, which were really effective in the pass, are outranked by longer phrases. In many cases, there are lots of related searches that are much easier to rank that you can use instead of the short ones. You need to know that those long tail phrases will have smaller volume and the quality of traffic that you can get with them is extremely meaning.

Above are just 5 of hundreds, even thousands of SEO copywriting tips that you can implement for you site. But SEO services Singapore believe those are the basic ones that every site need to use. Hope you can find them useful and please contact us if you need our assistance.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources.