Is Black or White Hat Social Media better?

Top SEO Services believe that Social Media has become one of the important factors that directly affect your business’s search engine optimization efforts.

So, SEO professionals are interested in optimizing website through updating content on Social channels. Social Connections and Followers are very important and impact on rankings. The amount of quality connections, followers, and friends of an account determines its’ sources’ level of reputation.
But how can you get many followers and reach target audience fast? Which tactics do you choose: Black or White Hat Social Media? This article will show you the difference between Black Hat Social Media and White Hat Social Media.


Social Media
Black Hat: Spamming for Traffic
Most of us recognize that spammers comment on popular posts and tweets with a random message in addition to a strange link. Some people know these spammy links, others don’t, which is a reason why spammers continue to do this shady tactic. In addition, some people leave fake negative reviews on a competitors’ page and positive reviews on their brand.
White Hat: Posting for Traffic
It is necessary to post attractive content, to take part in conversations on trending topics. It will help you to boost your visibility, get more traffic to your sites. It is a difference between Spamming for traffic and posting for traffic. When your content are useful to users, which creates a discussion to give your reader to have a common view about topic. It is easy to create a hot topic on Facebook, Twitter. You can use a relevant hashtag in your post to make Twitter users use that hashtag to interact with your brand and its updates.
Black Hat: Buying your Audience
There are many services on Internet that advertise about how to get many fans or followers with an easy way. Their advertisement is true because they will purchase fan or followers. Absolutely, it is very easy. But you should be careful. What is your objective? You want to reach target audience, after then you can reach your potential customer. But if you buy fake followers, likes and shares, you just reach audience not target audience. Because they don’t care much what your brand say. In addition, something bad will happen if it contains spammers and hackers who harm your website.
White Hat: Attracting your Audience
The best way to attract your audience is you should create high quality content. You need to know the wants and needs of your audience. If you have this information, you can create content that your audience is willingly to view and appreciate highly your website. It means that they will share your content on Social networks or like the topics which you update.  It is a good way to increase real fan and follower numbers by advertising on social networks or promoting their content with cheap SEO. More people can see your contents, more potential customer you get.
Black Hat: Corrupt Cover Photos
Most of people believe that cover photo is a representation of your brand. We try to make an impression to make target customers to easily remember our brand. But some people use it to promote sales or encourage engagement. They put too much text in cover photo include price or purchase information, contain website, email or mailing addresses, have references to Facebook actions or other call-to-actions.
White Hat: Attractive Cover Photos
If you want to promote a new product or service on Facebook Page, you can use your cover photo and give your customer more information about it. It’s a good idea to design an attractive cover photo. But you shouldn’t include too much text, a call-to-action or pricing information. It will lead a bad result and corrupt photos. Top SEO in Singapore can help you consult more about create attractive cover photos.
Black Hat: Automation make audience annoyed

It is convenient to use automated services for social media campaigns. But it will annoy new followers and fans thanking them for becoming an audience member include adding a link to their website, a product or additional social profile within the message. Using automated programs to follow and unfollow subscribers.
White Hat: Automation help Manager save time
With automation tools can help brands save the posting process time. But manager should remember that interactions with fans and followers don’t come from a robot. So, they don’t completely depend on automation tools.
You can choose the easy route and pay people to like share, retweet, or comment. But ask yourself: “What is your goal? Is it only way to reach more and more your target audience?” You can use shady SEO tactics to increase a page’s rank if you can control something bad happen. Anyway, you have many choices to decide to use Black Hat Social Media or White Hat Social Media. Feel free to contact Top SEO Service to be consulted entirely about SEO Social Media.
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