How to utilize Social networks to support your SEO campaigns

Top SEO Singapore recommended that you should utilize both your Social Media and SEO effort together with the purpose of achieving the same goals. Both of them aim to increase brand awareness of customer, engage visitors and increase your search rankings.

Admittedly, content is one of the most important factors that directly affect your target audiences for Social Media. It is good if you give your potential customers great, useful content. With a big effort, you can combine social media and SEO to improve your search rankings. This article will show the relationship between social networks and search engine. Moreover, you can find out the ability to utilize Social networks to support SEO campaigns.

Increasing Followers

It takes a long tine to gain a lot of followers that contains a significant influence on your rankings. Many brand’s followers and fans interact with their website or a specific form of content, they will recommend destination to their respective social connections. You can create a hot topic, conversations or contests and then draw their attention through promotion. If they want to enjoy and agree with what you write they will follow your page. It helps you reach your target customer and communicate with your audience easily. In addition, there are many ways to increase your followers by posting useful articles, helpful tips, and open inquiries. You should encourage current followers to enjoy and help build your authority for new followers.

Encouraging External Inbound Links


It’s good to start by come up with new ideas and make your content more interesting and high quality, which encourages more external sites to link your content. External links are links which another website links to your website or you link out to theirs. Most people agreed that external links is the single most important objective for getting high rankings. Thus, it is worth developing your social reputation as an authoritative leader and maximizes your potential external link sources.

Optimizing your local SEO


Top SEO Singapore suggested that you should take part in a local festival, tradeshow and interact with other local brands on social media. You should motivate users to give reviews on your website or social networks. For example, you can provide them with free drinks, discounts or coupon. Moreover, it is good to make a post and invite other local residents to comment. Especially, you have to make sure that you will include city/st in your title tag, H1 heading, alt text on images, content and URL.


Optimizing Your Posts

Social Media

Social Media

There are many methods to send out your message to audiences through a video, a blog or an infographic. Some people like reading the inforgraphic or watch the video than ordinary text content. They said that it inspires them to read information of content. In addition, it makes your content more understandable. Thus, more and more content marketers try to build a creative content through these methods that make Google easily index your website.

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 Increasing Brand Awareness

There are many elements lead to a successful brand. You can optimize your website for your target market and use the same logo, colors in all media networks. Increasing your reputation on social media, through improve the quality of content. Finally, there’s no specific way to improve your authority other than to give your audience a quality experience.

It is good way to prepare a competitive SEO campaign. With a professional team, Top SEO services in Singapore ensures that you will achieve your SEO goal quickly with affordable price. If you have any concern, feel free to contact us.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO resources