How to use Social Network to promote sale?

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Google+ connects millions of people every hour, every minute over the Internet. So how do we effectively exploit the social network for business?

“Social networking helps promote business in 2 ways,” said Susan Barmes, Deputy Director of Pochester Institue of Technology’s Lab for Social Computing. She states that (1) the each of your loyal customers has their own communities and they will provide authentication information for your product to those community and (2) your company and your employees can share information with each other through different social networks.”
How to use Social Network to promote sale?
Many studies have showed that more than half of small businesses in the world believe that social networking sites play an important role in promoting their businesses. And fifth of those companies has their products through social media sites.

So how can social network be that attractive? As web strategist Lorrie Thomas has said: “Small businesses can dominate their target market if they embrace social media as part of their marketing strategy.” The question followed is how to exploit social network properly? Below are 7 secrets to a successful social network marketing plan recommended by SEO experts:

1. Select the social network that really fit:

There are dozens of websites with which small business can upload information to make product introduction page. However, you have to select the appropriate page with products and your company. For example, the company LinkedIn page Headhunter fully utilized to identify the quality of human resources with adequate information. Meanwhile,
Facebook is easy to use to update the latest products and attractive sale to “FRIENDS”. More specifically, Facebook is a great tool personal PR, it also helps you to access and send information to the people that you can never have the opportunity to reach in other ways.

2. Make a feasible plan:

Some small businesses try to be present in all kind of social networks, they willl soon be overwhelmed. Experts indicate that first, building a plan with clear goals is very important. “All is quality, not quantity.” For example, if your Facebook business fan page has 70000 fans, but only 2000 of them are your target customer, then that huge number of fans means nothing much to your business. The objectives of your campaign should be: Create effects? Develop a list? Sell your products? Build relationships? Or simply collect feedback? Depending on the answer, you will know what goals you really need to do and build a reasonable plan.

3. Search for customers:

Social Networking is closely related to the segment. You must identify where the customers are? What are the opportunities to reach out and build deeper relationships with your customers? For example, if you’re selling to women in Vietnam, you should take advantage of sites like or or, if you want to reach out to young technology enthusiasts, some of the first choices are Those sites will allow you to easily post articles, useful guides, i.e. provide excellent knowledge to your customers.

4. Be a good netizen:

Join the social network does not cost anything, but there are rules you must follow and will have to pay the price if you do comply. A society is not where you issued the press release or the constant updates on new products. Social networking gurus Shel Horowitz said: “Customers you wish you meet online is really a part of the network. Be useful! Share information, resources, and especially those reliable experiences from your experts within your expertise and your company “. He also advised to update, post regularly, at least once in a week.

5. Be open:

One of the reasons why social networks become an effective tool is because it is easy for you to connect with new people. Therefore, openness is a very important factor. “When you participate in any social network, you need to be an Open Networker” – Accept invitations and become friends with everyone. This may sound simple, but it is not because many people are still afraid to connect, post photos or to display their email address.

6. But do not share too much!

Please understand that all the information you post on social networking sites that are read by everyone who knew you. Even if you set a personal page with to “private”, keep in mind that there may be a day, your colleagues or your own customers will browse through your site and read your posts. Therefore, you really should think twice before posting information related to political, personal views or simply jokes. It is fully compatible with your friends, but can cause discomfort, offend or even express unprofessionalism to your customers.

7. Listen more than you speak

A natural tendency after logging into social networks is that enterprises start their media campaign about the product or service immediately. But you should note that: if you are new, you have to listen more. You should find out the blogs, articles of leaders, industry experts to find out more on your business environment to understand how to social media in an appropriate way. So when it is convenient to start talking about your company? You will see clear signs when to start talking about yourself, usually, it’s when the other members of the network start to ask about the products or services you provide.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO resources.

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