How to effectively manage your Facebook Fan Page

Are you wondering how to get a better return on your Facebook ad investment? Top SEO in Singapore will show you how to manage effectively your Facebook Fan Page to boost your business. It’s good to take a look and get some useful information from this article.

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Facebook Insights

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1. Facebook is a good market


SEO and Social Media

Facebook is a good place to develop brand awareness for your business and market your products. It’s easy to utilize Facebook platform but you need to consider how to show users posts everyday. Because news feed real estate is limited and you have to compete to attract your target audiences. It is certain that a user can follow a lot of page. So, how can you ensure that your post will reach your audiences? Especially, Facebook has algorithms to verify which content to display in user’s news feed. It will depend on the type of post, the quality of content and time.

2. Paid ads and sponsored posts

You believe that if your content is useful and interesting, it will reach your target audience. Content is king and you don’t need to do anything to boost your post. You should change your mind. Facebook announced they would be reducing organic news feed impressions for brands, in an effort to show users “higher quality content”. They also updated their news feed spam algorithm to penalize brands. Thus, you should not use spammy links and post frequently circulated content and spammy links. Facebook gives you many way to advertise your posts such as sponsored posts and paid ads with affordable budget. Facebook allows you to “boost” posts so that they appear higher your followers’ newsfeeds. The engagement you get for promoted posts helps to establish your credibility and effectively increases your organic reach. Especially, you can build a marketing plan and measure it easily.

3. High quality content

It’s good way to attract your visitors and enhance user’s experience with useful content. It also is one of the effective ways to increase your organic visibility. Similar to Google, Facebook will verify the value of content and relevance. If you have many links, shares and clicks, it means that your content is high quality.
In addition, the more likes and shares your content has, the higher click-through-rate ( CTR) your post gets. It means that the more someone engages with a page, the more likely it is the page’s content will appear in that user’s newsfeed. It’s a reason why Top SEO Singapore wants you to consistently post quality content.
Do you remember the purpose of user when they use Facebook? They use it to keep contact with their friends, engage with people and find something interesting when they have free time.
People don’t use Facebook to shop for products and services. They just want to read something interesting about your business and find some useful information. So, you should get an interesting ideas to attract your target audiences.

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4. Build a community

Many companies on Internet said that they can guarantee your page will get 20.000 fans with low-price. It’s true. But they are not real people and the fake fans drive down the average engagement for your page, which means Facebook will be less likely to show your content to your real fans. In addition, it could kill your page because your customers will realize and stop visiting your page.
Top SEO Singapore suggests that it’s good to build online community. Because if your brands have a strong online community, it will be easy to advertise your products. You should create a hot topic and stimulate people to discuss. Social media should be a conversation between audiences and admin.

5. Facebook Audience Insights


Facebook Audience Insights

The more customer insights you have, the better you’re equipped to deliver meaningful messages to people. Facebook Audience Insights is a proprietary analytics platform that provides of variety of different data sets to help page owners measure the performance of their content. It is a new tool designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more. It will give you graphs to show likes, reach, visits, posts, and the age of visitors.
• Likes reveals the total number of people who have liked your page within a specific time range . Especially, it will show you where the like happened (i.e. on page, page suggestions, mobile, desktop, etc.). This will give you new ideas to optimize your website.
• Reach is an important metric because it illustrate the number of people have seen your posts. This will help you measure the value of content or activities which you are implementing. In addition, it’s good way to adjust or improve a Marketing plan if it’s not effective. You can also see some positive engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares.
• Visits gives you a breakdown of which pages (tabs) were visited (i.e. timeline, likes tab, custom tabs, etc.) and also which referring sites (external) brought people to your Facebook page.
• Posts analyzes your content based on post type, targeting, total reach, time of day, and engagement.
Especially, you can see things like gender, location, language, and compare people reached versus people engaged.

6. Take a look Competitor Insights


Facebook Insights

It’s good to take a look competitor insights to compare and learn good things from them. Absolutely, you will realize that their plan is effective or ineffective. Here are some tools to help you check competitor insights: Simply Measured, Social Bakers, Quintly and Buzzsumo. You should focus on checking keywords, content, social share, backlinks… To save your time, you should determine which content is the best and get the highest level of engagement.

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Top SEO in Singapore will give you effective strategies that can help brands reclaim organic visibility, boost engagement, and improve Facebook ROI. Even if your brand is popular, you should optimize your content strategy to ensure their content is seen by their followers.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO resources.