How to create a Content marketing infographic quickly and easily

There are many ways to send message to your target audience. Have you ever try creating an infographic before? It’s right time to create your own infographic. Top SEO Singapore will recommend some tools which is easy to utilize and useful for content marketers.

We will start by looking at reasons why we should use infographic in content marketing. There are 4 main reasons that explain why infographic is so awesome:
– Search Engine Optimization : Infographic will help your SEO efforts more effectively. Because the nature of infographic makes people link to your site. Especially, Google will index your website higher due to Google’s “Page Rank” algorithm.
– Infographic is shareable, linkable and evergreen. If you have a great infographic, your audience will click and share it on social media networks. This will drive traffic to your website.
– It’s easy to show complex data, facts and figures. Some people like graphic than ordinary text content. They said that it inspires them to read information of content. In addition, it makes your content more understandable.
– It’s a good idea to develop your brand awareness. Many marketers use it to send out message included relevant information about product, service, logo or the coming event.
Here are some free tools which can help you save your time and money to create a great infographic:




With this tool, you can visualize your resume that is lively color, clear in one click. It allows you to show who you are, express your professional achievement, education and skills. It’s a simple way to make your resume more impressive.

2. Piktochart


With Piktochart, you can turn complex data into an engaging infographic in seconds. It will give you some tools to modify color, fonts, icon, vectors, themes… So, you can create your own infographic with simple steps, after then you should export the materials as static or html to easily fix it for use at your site.

3. Visual.Ly


You do not need to hire designer to create infographics. You can discover some popular infographics and get ideas from them. is a community platform for data and it will support you to create infographic and get them shared on social media.

4. Venngage


Venngage is a useful tool for creating infographics. After you outline your ideas, you can choose from templates, themes, icons and charts and icons what you need. If you are not pleased with them, you can upload your own images and backgrounds which suit your outline . Let’s imagine it and do it.

5. Infogr.Am


With a simple way, you can import raw data to, and then this website will give you tools to turn data into an interesting chart. You will be surprised by the awesome tool.

6. Icharts


This tool will give you good-looking charts with simple steps. ICharts makes it easy to visualize, share and distribute big and small data.

7. Get about


Do you want to show the result of social media activities of your Facebook Fan Page? It is good to make infographics that help your audiences visualize and understandable.

But is not easy to build an effective content strategy in a few minutes. You need to spend much time researching and analyzing market. So if you have concern about Content marketing strategy, SEO, please feel free to contact Top SEO services Singapore. With the professional team, we will give you some new ideas to create content marketing or build a Search Engine Optimization strategy.

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