Google Ranking Factors in 2015

You might know that one of the biggest goals of business owners is to get high ranking in search engines. Nowadays, simply using keywords for optimizing your site is no longer enough as Google is utilizing tons of different factors to determine which site could be got the highest position in search engines. In this article, Top SEO Singapore would like to show you some of the most important factors that Google usually use for identifying your rank. Take a look on them and focus your efforts on those things that really matter your ranking.

Google ranking factors

Quality of your content

As SEO services Singapore has written for many times, content is the first key ranking factor. A website with high quality content can move forward, even outrank its competitions without SEO, but a bad website obviously go nowhere. Google’s algorithms has changed significantly over the past few years and it is now focus on your content to rank your website. When it come to determining whether your site’s content is qualitative or not, let’s check several factors below:
• Keyword. There is no doubt about keyword’s role in SEO. In cases of applying the most suitable keywords into your content, your site is able to boost visibility and get higher ranking in search engines. SEO supplier even designs a specific strategy for optimizing keywords for their clients’ website. Using keywords is necessary, but don’t over do it. Keep in mind that both Google and viewers probably don’t prefer reading those sites full of SEO keywords.
• Content length. Many business owners haven’t had appropriate concern in content length. However, many studies have proved that the longer your content is, the better it will rank in Google. In fact, there are lots of consideration about its length such as “How many words should our articles have? 500 words, 1000 words or 2000 words? The answer is 2000 words. It might be too much but it can bring tons of tremendous benefits to your site.
• Deliver valuable information. Last but not least, in order to keep your viewers stay longer on your site and read your others articles, the site’s content must be useful. Most people are looking for their necessary information to solve their troubles; therefore, providing meaningful information is critical.
• Content updates. In fact, Google overestimates those sites which update their content frequently. Google’s spiders will look at how often you publish new content on your website and rank your site. Thus, don’t forget to fresh your site with new articles.

The website domain’s age

One of the ranking factor of Google that you need to know is your website domain’s age. How long have your site been built? How long that domain has been around? In reality, domain age doesn’t mean how long you have owned this domain name, it’s how long it has been indexed by Google. Nowadays, many companies have tendency to purchase “aged” domains for their business without knowing that a 10- year domain but not indexed by Google is the same as domain that you bought yesterday.

Website domain

Your site speed

Singapore SEO services has emphasized the importance of your site speed in our previous articles. All search engines give lots of credit to those websites that load faster. Most viewers expect to visit sites with loading time no more than 3 seconds. Hence, try to improve your site speed; otherwise, your visitors will leave your page immediately.

Link building

Link building is still an important ranking factor in 2015. There have been a lot of arguments that backlinks will lose their value, and other ranking factors will become more and more important. But the truth is that it’s impossible to rank a site without having backlinks. In the past, link building is all about getting links from other sites, no matter how bad those sites are that meant the more links you got, the higher ranking your site reached. However, link building strategies focus on establishing qualitative and trustable connections. That’s why you should look for and link only to authority websites; otherwise, your site will be underestimated quickly. When it comes to backlinks, take into account on those things below:
• Backlinks variety
• Total backlinks
• Backlinks from new domains
• Word count in anchor text

Social signals

There is one thing that have bigger impact on search rankings more than backlinks- it is the use of social media platforms. There is a bunch of social network sites that can boost your site’s visibility in search engines and bring tons of other benefits to your site. Here are some outstanding points that you need to concern:
• Google+. Google+ is not famous as Facebook but keep in mind that it is owned by Google. This is not surprising as Google wants to boost its own social platform.
• Facebook. Facebook is known as one of the most famous social network sites all around the world with a huge number of members. Getting shares and likes not only on Facebook but also many other sites is able to help you rank higher in search engines.

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Viewers’ experience

SEO Company in Singapore highly recommend you to keep your eyes on the users’ experience that is also an important ranking factor. Google is using different methods to determine whether a visitor was pleased with your site or not that commonly are the bounce rate of your site and how many minutes the visitors stay on your pages.
• Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site instantly after viewing only one page on your site. You might in trouble if your bounce rate is high and increased gradually. There are many reasons that can lead to the high bounce rate, but there is no doubt that your site don’t satisfy your viewers’ demand.
• Average time per visit. We have written article with the topic “How to make viewers stay longer on your site” that has showed some killer tips to keep viewers’ eyes. The more time that viewers use on your site, the higher ranking you get.

Viewers' experience
In order to your bounce rate and average time per visit by taking the data directly from Google Analytics.

Mobile optimization

Recently, mobile optimization is become one of the most essential ranking factor that you need to consider. Google mobile- friendly update has been the hottest topic in the SEO industry. Nowadays, most people, especially the youth, use modern devices instead of computer like before. It requires your site to be optimized for smartphones and other tablet devices so that your site’s content can be represented perfectly on the small screen. If you haven’t had any plan to optimize your site for mobile, don’t ever ask why you cannot improve your ranking.

Hope you can get valuable information from this article. In fact, there is a wide range of other ranking factors that you need to know, but please consider the above most important SEO tips first and let’s build a solid SEO plan to outrank your competitions. Please feel free to contact top SEO Companies Singapore if you need our assistance.

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