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This article offers some simple notes on how to make Twitter a contributor to your SEO campaign success. 1. Brand Name Your brand name, user name, or the services you provide should be defined by your Twitter profile name. 2. Profile Profile description is a reference point for your website, […]

10 tips on SEO with Twitter

Twitter for SEO
Google and Bing are two most common search engines on the Internet. Both search engines are continuously integrated with search results and social networks. Social media networking has become a significant part in communication of people nowadays and we have to take into account that fact when initiating a SEO […]

How to start with SEO Twitter.

FACEBOOK – Advertise by word of mouth. One of the most amazing ways of advertising is by word of mouth. Because we tend to trust the opinion of our friends, family or even our colleagues. For example, a new Japanese restaurant opened right next to your office and they say […]

Why should we advertise on Facebook?

How to SEO keyword “Top SEO in Singapore” on I’ve blogged previously on the subject of, but this time I want to examine our own, specific field and the links that spring up from the tagging community. has a large base of users, yet few of these […]

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