5 on- page SEO techniques that boost your ranking

Search Engine Optimization is divided into 2 separate categories: On- Page SEO and Off- Page SEO. On- Page SEO refers to all things that you can do on your website such as page tittles, meta tags, internal linking in order to boost your ranking on search engines. Today Top SEO Singapore is going to show you some of the most effective on- page SEO techniques that we believe they will make your site get higher ranking.

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1. Content should be your top priority

As you might know the importance of content in SEO that can help you get lots of traffic to your site. Keep in mind that a website with bad content can not survive even when it is running a SEO plan. When it comes to creating content, you need to consider those things below:
• Your content must be useful and valuable. It is clear to see that people are looking forward something meaningful from your articles; therefore, don’t let them down.
• Your content must be original and unique. Duplicate content from other sites is absolutely a bad idea that can make your site be penalized by Google.
• It is highly recommended to use different types of content. Besides text, we have tons of different types of content that you can take full advantage of, such as: videos, inphographics, product reviews,… Each kind has its strengths; so use them wisely to reach more viewers’ attention.
• Your content must be fresh. Be fresh means it needs to be updated frequently. SEO services Singapore think you should update your news at least twice a week. If you don’t have enough time to write high quality content, let’s hire a copywriter team, they are always willing to help you.

2. Page titles and description are also important

The reality is search engines will base on your page titles and description to understand what your page is all about so that they can give you a position in their index. Therefore, page titles optimization is essential in SEO. Your page must have a unique title that will help both Google and your viewers get ideas about your page.

Top SEO SingaporeIn addition, don’t forget the description. Having a simple but descriptive description is able to persuade viewers click your link and read your site. Last but not least, adding your target keywords into both titles and description so that they can be found easily on search engines.

3. You should focus on internal linking

Internal linking means you link pages within your website. This technique is really important which make both viewers and search engine spider go to other pages easier. Google obviously give more credit to those sites which having effective internal linking.

Top SEO Singapore

4. Improve your site speed right now

Another factor that you should concern is site speed. Years ago, Google stated site speed as one of the main elements to rank sites. Over 60% of viewers probably leave your site if the load time is more than 3 seconds. Therefore, try to make sure that your site speed is working well; otherwise, you are going to miss out lots of traffic.

5. Your site will get better result with friendly URL structure

Including search engine friendly URLs for each of your pages is highly recommended that can bring better crawling to your site. As one of the top SEO Company Singapore, we suggest to create short URLs which is proven to perform better in search engine result pages. Additionally, adding targeted keywords to increase its power.

5 on- page techniques are just some ways that can help you improve your ranking. Hope you can get valuable information from this article and find out how to use them effectively. It’s worth investing your time and effort in doing this. If you have any difficulties with SEO, please feel free to contact SEO companies Singapore.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources.